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At the starting point of the creation of this game, I will call upon you, the players, to contribute basic ideas (one or two sentences) in categories that I designate. I will then take these ideas and statements and help them to coalesce into a functioning and playable world.

The categories (for now) are as follows:

  • A broad statement about the world (potentially relating to ideas about theme, structure, or physicality). E.g. the world is flat, the world is covered in water, the world mined most of its resources centuries ago and now is almost entirely urban.
  • A statement regarding the religion of the world (regarding worship, gods, cosmological constants). E.g. there are no gods, demons are worshiped openly, all the gods retreated up into the sky after bestowing life upon their followers.
  • A statement regarding the political climate of the world (encompassing wars, machinations, laws, power structure). E.g. nation A is currently invading nation B, nation C has an extensive spy network throughout many places who are devotedly searching for something or someone, magic is outlawed in most countries.
  • A specific statement regarding the world (players should strive to keep their previous statements broad, taking this opportunity to focus in on any singular aspect of the world). E.g. King Galdec seeks the Crown of the Ancients due to rumors of its blessing of immortality, a scientist in a remote corner of the world has invented a ship that can fly, three people every generation are imbued from birth with a particularly strong sense of either wisdom, power, or courage.
  • A place in the world (this could be a dungeon, a city, a town, a trading post, ruins, anything that could be justified as a location). E.g. Nurek, capital of the Dragonborn Empire, the hamlet of Holdan’s Fast, a mysterious looming hulk of stone in the center of the world known only as the Gods’ Gauntlets.

I will try to keep the rules to a minimum, really I can only think of a few things I need to specify. Players should not directly counter something another player has already said, and any of the statements can fall at any point in a timeline (they can each be relating to the past, present, or even future). If players make ambiguous statements, they are subject to interpretation by the DM or by other players. Think carefully about what you want to say and how to phrase it, if it is a particularly complex idea, perhaps it is best broken down into several smaller statements that fall into different categories. If you’re still confused as to what I’m aiming for with this, try to reverse engineer an already existing world using the same five statements, something like a video game, book, or previous D&D setting. If that doesn’t work, feel free to talk to me about it.

One last bit; right now I’m leaning towards not participating in the collaborative statements, if enough players want me to, though, I can.

Main Page

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