Table Game

The Name of the Game

A table created excursion

Essentially I’ve become enamored with the idea of running a game for you guys in a world we each had a hand in bringing to life. It would give me some new ideas and a creative challenge; and additionally give you guys the opportunity to set extra hooks, customize the world to you or your characters, or have the opportunity to adventure in a certain setting.

If people like the idea, I say we should strive for positive assertions in world creation, and stay away from negative assertions. The rule of improv is to always say yes! Also we should strive to work off of things that other people say, no undoing the weight of someone’s statement with one of your own.

Other than that, I would probably reserve the right to veto something, mostly because I’m the one running the game, and I tend to keep it serious. Lighthearted or occasionally humorous is fine, but I’d rather not have those things built into the bones of the world; save it for the actual roleplaying.


Jawndar Jawndar

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