Table Game

An Update

The pieces begin to come together

So now that it appears that everyone has their statements settled, I believe it is my turn to take over! I’ve begun meshing some of the thoughts you guys had in my head into a cohesive world-concept, you guys gave me some amazing stuff to work with! I’ll do my best to regularly post finalization of world aspects as I come up with them. I’m trying to start larger scale and work my way down, so as to give all of you a good idea of what themes, nations, and the world as a whole will look like.

At this point, the Great War and it’s subsequent fallout and recovery is going to be a major theme of this game, and I think with all the attention that you guys paid to it in the creation process, it will have touched the lives of every living thing in the world, including each of you. I’d start thinking of how the War affected each of your lives as characters.

Additionally, magic is a centralized focus, with the arcane wellsprings and the magi-technology as it were. I already have some thoughts stewing on what to do with that (let’s just say the divisions in the world may be bit more than physical at this point).

I can tell you at this point I believe that you will be starting on one of the sky-islands, but I’ll write again when I have more info on that.


Jawndar Jawndar

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