An Idea…

So here’s the shtick guys, I thought maybe we could put together a game in a table created world, for those of you familiar with it think OOTS world creation #2. We each take turns creating an aspect of the world based on topics I pick out. At the end, I can compile all the points we’ve come up with and assemble them into a game and setting.

Yes or no?

That is a pretty brief description of the idea I had, but I think it might be fun, and it gives you guys an opportunity to include things in the world that you think are cool/make for neat roleplaying or encounters.

And I would love to extend the invitation to Ross to join in with us on this as well if he was interested, if you could ask him Justin?

I figure we could either run this every so often on Saturdays, or we could run it in lieu of Justin’s game for a while if Justin wanted to take a bit of a break and try his hand at playing some 5th edition. We could also potentially meet online on occasion if people were open to that (just an option).

Table Game

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